Brothers All, 
One of the Alpha Upsilon Foundation's strategic goals is the development of an endowment designed to annually provide scholarship support to two Kentucky State University students (one an Alpha Upsilon undergraduate member and the other a general KSU student).  There is no better way to further our legacy at KSU than to create something that will endure far beyond ourselves. 


What Is an Endowment? 
An endowment is a donation of money or property to a nonprofit organization, which uses the resulting investment income for a specific purpose. An endowment can also refer to the total of a nonprofit institution's investable assets, also known as its principal or corpus, which is meant to be used for operations or programs that are  consistent with the wishes of the donor(s). Most endowments are designed to keep the  principal amount intact while using the investment income for charitable efforts. 

Key Takeaways: 
• Most endowments are designed to keep the principal amount intact while using the investment income for charitable efforts. 
• Endowments tend to be organized as a trust, a private foundation, or a public charity. 
• Educational institutions, cultural institutions, and service-oriented organizations typically administer endowments. 
Our goal is to raise a $50,000 principal to start the endowment. While we are raising that amount, the Alpha Upsilon Foundation will charge a committee to determine how the funds will be administered. This committee will invest the principal in a revenue baring
account for approximately one year before distributing interest. We know we can accomplish this goal by September 2022.
There will be several giving levels available for 
Brothers, any amount is accepted.

We are ready to launch this transformative endowment initiative.

We want to  establish a life-long legacy to our alma mater. The endowment once established will be able to support the scholarships and a vehicle to continue raising funds, so we never exhaust the principal.

Yes, Brothers can contribute at the levels below or greater
Diamond = $1000
Platinum = $500
Silver = $250
Monthly payments are an option.


We have established a separate savings account at PNC Bank, so Brothers can send their funds seamlessly to Alpha Upsilon Foundation, $aufoundation1935, Cash App, and PayPal.


Yes, donations are tax deductible.
Alpha Upsilon Foundation
P.O. Box 55202
Lexington, KY 40555


Nupes of Alpha Up, we do not watch things happen, we make things happen.
To make this happen we will need every Brother to step up and support by making a donation. 

Earl F. Merritt
Earl F. Merritt, Endowment Chair
Endowment Committee:
Greg Anderson  • Byron Fox  • Jeffrey McDonald  •  Al Lockett  • Michael Rankins



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